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Solve Design Create is a marketing agency based out of Naples, Florida and Metro Detroit. Our mission is to bring your dreams to reality while providing out of this world service.

We have worked almost any kind of niche you can imagine such as best selling authors like Live the Future Now’s Gordon Asher Davidson and Corinne McLaughlin or to metaphysical rockstars such as Ruth Rendely of Seraphim Blueprint, to directing national conventions and conferences for the likes of the National Association of Esoteric healing, to international perfumer Illuminum London, and even to Major Label Artists to up-and-comers… We also love working with “the best of the best” for local businesses that are raising the bar for their market and demographic like Vaping reality stars Vapor Trail. A huge part of our portfolio is automotive-based like TV personality Courtney Hansen and celebrity car and eBay superstar Muscle Cars For Sale.

Our clients are literally blown away by the completeness of our solution to your marketing and technology wizardry needs. We are confident we will not only meet your expectations but will by far surpass them. Our solutions often end up saving our clients thousands while dramatically increasing return on investments by simply helping you market your brand smarter, not harder!

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""Brad was a huge help. He was able to save my computer and data. Very knowledgeable and friendly service.""

Timothy McCubbin, Artist and Furniture Creator

"Great people. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Amazing work."

JC Gutierrez, Owner of JC Productions

""I have been working with Solve Design Create LLC for a little over a month now on the branding and website for my business. A friend had suggested their services and I am so glad she did! Upon our first meeting I was impressed by Brad's expansive knowledge and the fact that he had a go to support person, Christina, they were so excited about my vision and what I wanted to create that I hired them on the spot. I originally was looking for a logo and maybe a website some day in the future...... then I met Brad and Christina. Their enthusiam for their work and their ability to clearly see my visions assisted me in moving my own blockages around building this business and together we have been working to create a really amazing website which when completed will far exceed my original expectations and one that I am confident will offer a high ROI. I was lucky enough to work side by side with them during the logo development and it was incredible to see someone take what was in my head, add steroids and to see it in front of me! It was magic. The amount of value that is packed into the services provided by Solve Design Create LLC is only surpassed by the quality of work which they produce. I am so thankful that our paths have crossed and that they are assisting me in building my business' online presence. I would most definitely recommend this company to anyone interested in building their online presence or rebranding their company. Brad and Christina you are amazing! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the World, I look forward to working together for years to come!""

Nicole Sandhu, Owner of The Gypsy Sea Witch

""I have been working with Solve Design Create for over two years. My website is better than ever, the creativity is better than you can find anywhere else, and more ideas than you can ask for. Be sure to book far enough in advance as they have many clients and projects. Great personal service and lots of heart""

Catherine Marie, CEO of Naturally You Healing and CaregiversSurvival.com

""If you get to work with SolveDesignCreate, you will sleep well, knowing that your site is safe up and running, and properly developed and protected. Just make sure you have enough content and S.D.C. will make sure it is placed and looks appropriate according to your needs.""

Nadia Artman, CEO of Artman Productions

""Solve Design Create has been helping take The Treasure Chest Fl to the next level . I am so thankful for the knowledge and professionalism this company has.""

Treasure Rose, Owner of The Treasure Chest Fl

Who is BradDezStevens?

C.E.O. and Founder of Solve Design Create LLC

After years gaining first-hand and real world experience from freelancing, contract work and the subsequent creation of this company, Brad is very thankful to have had the opportunity to work very in-depth with accomplished and successful professionals. These cover many marketing niches and fields of business ranging from major label to regional artists, small to large corporations, to even the artsier side of live production events for fashion, national conventions, and best selling authors. Many of our clients are also local businesses that simply want the best when it comes to marketing their brand – be it retail, dining, technology-based, wealth management, health and medical fields, and last but definitely not least the automotive market.

More about Brad’s Background

Natural Born Marketing Maven and Tech Wizard

This is what Bradley M. Stevens has to say about his childhood, and work style, “While I enjoy working independently, With my past experience managing and directing projects and teams, working with multiple engineers, artists, businesses, sponsors and crews is never a problem. This line of work was very natural for me to acclimate to and honestly manifested itself in my life in front of my eyes through persistance and dedication to providing great service. Family wise – I am predisposed to be particularly inclined to Engineering and Artistic endeavors. My Mother whom was an amazong pianist is an IT manager and previously programmer huge phone systems. Her work introduced me to reverse engineering coding of video games as a small child and her side of the family where I recieved my musical abilities from starting with piano/organ, clarinet and then my ultimate passion – Guitar. My father’s side of the family is full of robotics engineers, programmers, creatives, and specifically his career of automotive engineering and design jumpstarting me with CAD, graphics, etc… I fondly remember him setting me up with my first Digital Audio Workstation and a Graphic Design Suite on a family computer which absolutely pushed and honed my drive to teach myself as much as possible and learn from the best of the best.

With my many projects, partnerships and affiliated businesses Brad stays pretty busy but makes time to produce music through his label and various projects as well as work on old Muscle Cars – currently specifically a rebuilt 1982 z/28 Camaro. Most days you will find me either glued to a screen, working with our team of experts, with my long-time girlfriend and Solve Design Create manager Christina Carrandi and our rottweiler Karma, pitbull Emmy, or bearded dragon Gojira. They will be often guests on our blog. Other personal interests include a passionate hobby of is wood-working (or playing with any tools for that matter!) and creating custom furniture, as well as  healthy eating, oragnic gardening, sustainability, firearms, exotic sportbikes, vintage audio equipment, etc…

From the Desk of Brad

Why work with us?



Directly from the owner of this company I, Brad ‘Dez’ Stevens, want to say to you, my visitor and potential client – that I personally strive to maximize my analytical and design background and experience to make sure that every project that passes through our offices goes through a strict quality control. I like to think of it as treating every project as if it were my own, making sure that love is put into every step. No matter what problem may arise we have probably already faced it and in the rare case it is new, we are problem solvers for our clients…  I was very acclimated and essentially raised on computers! Solve Design Create becoming a full featured global marketing and technology company was a natural path from previous ventures started during 12 years (2005-2017) in South Florida such as Stronger Than All Guitar Lessons, Stronger Than All Studios, and Dezign.us – the direct precursor to Solve Design Create.

You will never experience a more complete relationship with a marketing and technology company. We have saved our clients thousands while increasing profits by millions and we love what we do. If you are spreading light in this ever expanding world and are ready to take your brand to the next level, so are our master marketing mavens and technology wizards. I look forward to speaking with you and seeing how I can help your brand today.


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By keeping up with ever-changing technology, we surge ahead of our competitors.


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Striving to help your business grow while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.


Treating every project as if it were our own; We deliver quality products and services.

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What founder Brad Stevens

has to say about our Marketing Services


Having had a way of arising from “Web Designer” to essentially a contracted Marketing Director and Brand builder, I help businesses create, manage, expand through the extensive use of technology. Helping brands launch or relaunch be it Company level, Product / Service level, or Sale / Seasonal level, I have built hand picked solutions for required functionalities such as: e-commerce, reservation systems, ticketing, media sales, shipping calculations, contact & interaction solutions, polls, forums, rating systems, review systems, client relationship management, mass marketing, newsletter and email marketing, blogs, multi-lingual sites and more. Focusing on dynamic over static coding; my sites automatically submit themselves to search engines, index their posts, cache and refresh themselves on timed intervals. My sites are all responsive and thus look great day one at launch on any and every device be it iPhone or android, iPad and tablets, to laptops and large format screens. Automated response circular personalized systems are combined with both Social media integration for logins, commenting, sharing, and app functionality as well integrating automated posting of content on client-rather-thannetwork self hosted solutions so you retain intellectual property and direct maximum traffic to your site to achieve higher PageRank. Analytical tracking aspects to calculate ROI are managed and periodically scheduled for routine tuning as well as reporting to ensure maximum market penetration and to find possible new revenue streams or untapped markets.


Focusing on bringing out individuality, I regularly create logos, slogans, trademarks, merchandise, web presence aligned and harmonizing with brand identity and heavily employ niche marketing and sales psychology tactics. Complemented with often being told “You just get it!”, I love developing visual, interactive, intelligent direction to help teams expand, properly launch, and create content to continue to drive brand interactions with their desired market.


Creating art is something I strongly believe I was born to do. Love is the only adjective available for the feeling I get when I create a piece for a client… There is nothing more invigorating than seeing the dream becoming the design and then to hold the final product. Vast experience with Photoshop, Photo manipulation, Graphic Design, Artwork Conceptualization and Production, on all levels small to large.


For both auditory and visual producing, directing, editing, conceptualizing, programming… my initial interest was a means to drive my passion of my art and music. I had an innate desire to accomplish recording my own projects, and creating the soundscapes and visuals I was dreaming of manifesting. Now I can essentially create, license, search out, and produce whatever you and I both can dream of.


Extensively experienced with Virtual Private Networks, Military Grade 256-bit encryption, Private I.P. address servers, SSL certification, Proxies, and more… In the near future I am training for my CCIE certification as I have taught myself mostly off of all of the training manuals. Protecting online identity and confidential information, avoiding common security mistakes, and creating as impenetrable as possible solutions. I am proud of the team of experts we have brought together to literally handle all of your technical and geeky wizardry needs. We are your knights in shining armor for all your computer woes!

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Out of this World Service

Bringing your Dreams to Reality!

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 We’ve often been told that once working with us customers, “Cannot imagine how they handled their advertising and computer issues” prior to having us on their side as their “Official Dragon Slayers”… Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you and your brand or business. You will be working one-on-one with an expert and your project if we so decide to work together will be built with love right here in the USA. Focusing on Quality over Quantity – we strive to build long term relationships with our clients.

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With clients spanning the entire globe we regularly meet with clients both in person and of course digitally through Skype and Remote Meetings. We aim to please with quick turn arounds to make sure your needs and goals are met.

Emergency Deadline?

Contact us immediately if you have a project that needs attention yesterday. We are known for being able to knock out projects and save the day when you need it most. Is there a fire to put out? Let's get your marketing and tech needs met - TODAY!

Beauty Meets Functionality

Finally a marketing firm that isn't solely tech or solely graphics... We are both tech savvy and creative. The most beautiful site in the world is useless without proper SEO to get traffic to it. Fire the amateurs and let's get you all over the web!

Remote Support

We have our clients backs, have a quick issue? We can login remotely and get you back to business in no time, all the while providing friendly service with a smile!

Lifesaving Support

We answer the call of duty, be it a crashed server, hacked site, no matter how bad your computer, tech or website woes are you will be so thankful you found Solve Design Create.

Custom Tailored Fit

We design an individualized solution for your marketing based on your brands specific needs, wants and goals... Break away from Templated copycat marketing today!

Advanced Analytics

We do not 'Guess', all of our highly targeted tactics and marketing maneuvers are carefully researched and planned to bring you more of the right traffic.

Brainstorming Superstars

We love helping our customers both develop and come up with new ideas for their branding, online presence, marketing opportunities and ways to monetize their business they may have never thought of!

Responsive Web Design

Now with 60% of traffic being mobile, We were years ahead of the curve making sure sites load great on all devices from iPhones to Tablets and desktops to Smart TV's.

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 We’ve often been told that once working with us customers, “Cannot imagine how they handled their advertising and computer issues” prior to having us on their side as their “Official Dragon Slayers”… Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you and your brand or business. You will be working one-on-one with an expert and your project if we so decide to work together will be built with love right here in the USA. Focusing on Quality over Quantity – we strive to build long term relationships with our clients.

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