Pricing Structure of Our Services

Thank you very much…

for your interest in working together!

We would love to put together a Quote and Presentation specific to your Needs and Budget!

We like to be very up-front here at Solve Design Create about our pricing structure.

We bill Time & Materials.

Our Standard hourly rate is $150.00 USD

We work directly with you to make your dreams come to reality

and do not tolerate ‘Middle Men’

We work directly with you to make your dreams come to life.

You won’t find our services available anywhere else but right here, Direct from the Manufacturer!

Life is too short to play games, We like to be very up front and transparent with the financial aspect of our business.

Most of our projects are set at a budget and/or built around an estimate of what the clients needs and wishes are along with our experience of what that will actually take to accomplish.

We try to make sure all costs such as Hosting and Domain Names, Content Creation, Plugin & Theme Licenses, etc… are all out in the open and on the table from the word ‘Go’.

No Surprises. Only mind-blowing services that will make you wonder how you ever survived before you found us, your new marketing and technology ‘Secret Weapon’!

Solve Design Create Pricing Structure

No Games – Flat Rate – Time + Materials

First Time? A special offer for you!

Solve Design Create Pricing Structure: Common Question

… but What do I get for an Hour or a Day?

This is a question new customers that find us from the web will often ask; While the majority of our clients are direct referals or attendees from events and projects we happen to be involved with. Rather than guess or wonder, the absolute best thing you can do is CONTACT US so that we may prepare a customized Proposal and Presentation of what we would like to do for your brand. Here are a couple quick points to keep in mind:

  • We absolutely are used to and comfortable working with budgets. Setting a clear amount for the first project is a great way for us to show you what we can do.
  • We accept all major Cards, PayPal, and of course Check/Cash.
  • For ‘ongoing a la carte projects’ we invoice and bill as balances reach $1,000.00
  • Before we ever take a dime or get started we make sure that we are a good mutual fit to work together!
  • We do offer financing options.
  • We have been doing this a very long time. Most of our clients are regulars.
  • We trust you will absolutely love working with people who just ‘Get it” and can turn your problems into solutions!
  • If we are not meeting for coffee; Please drink some really good coffee in preperation for your Free Consultation Meeting; Brad types 140 WPM and is known to talk even faster especially when excited about marketing a new project.
  • We refuse to work with any illicit industry or clientele.


We are looking for Trend Setters, Movers & Shakers, Pioneers, and Game-Changers. We want to market you.

That being said, the Solve Design Create pricing structure is built around our experience providing world class marketing services to our much appreciated clientele.

We strive for excellence for our clients and treat every project as if it were our own, literally overflowing with love put in from every angle. We will make you a promise right now; after you speak to our marketing mavens, our technology wizards… Even just after the initial consultation you are going to feel inspired, and more than likely you are going to letting your old web guy/IT consultant/marketing firm go the way of the dinosaurs. #sorrynotsorry #workwiththebest

That being said, many of our longest relationships with our clients are Mom and Pops Local Businesses and we are proud of that fact as a) we are helping stimulate the economy by supporting local businesses, b) we strive to only work with the definitive best of a given niche market and its area, and c) we work with people of all income levels and walks of life, We understand budgets and just as much as you do not want to deal with shady marketing people, jargon-overloading techies, we want a straight forward and well communicated relationship with you, our potential client. We strive to support you in the ways that will help you STOP WORRYING about whats wrong with the website, or how to stop hackers from attacking and spam commenting your site…. We know that you are busy RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS, and more importantly we are without a doubt 100% confident that we can help you do just that, even better. Let’s reignite the passion or make sure that a new brand gets off on the right start – we are about results and passion pouring out so obviously that it lights up the room. Are you ready to make your brand roar and soar?


Are you Ready to Dominate your Niche? Contact us today for your Free Consultation.

web design expert Solve Design Create logo sting. We create amazing websites that users love and are easy for you to update. We have been doing web design literally for most of our lives and have plenty of examples of websites we have developed that are ranking #1 for 10,20,30+ terms! Want to build a website to rank on google? Want to hire the best web designer you'll likely ever meet? Contact Solve Design Create today for a free consultation and we will custom tailor a budget and proposal around your needs and wishes!

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