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Our Process for New Clients

Totally custom tailored to exactly what you need! We save our clients money and increase their ROI.

1 – We Analyze what you currently have VS what you need to succeed.

2 – Our experts Design a custom solution and plan of attack tailored for your goals.

3 – From the ground up we build your site, either Creating or using your Content

4- We Test and Launch your new site, and also offer full Training & Maintenance packages. 

We work with the Best of the Best!

We work with the Best of the Best!

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Learn more About our Company!

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All Services Provided

We offer all of the following world-class marketing services globally and locally where applicable.
Most of our work can be done remotely, and we will not only meet but by far exceed your expectations.
Make sure to take a look through our Portfolio or Contact Us today to get started!
Click on 1 of the 5 Service Categories to learn more or See All of our Services listed alphabetically below.

Our Popular Web Marketing Services are divided into three main categories.


Internet based services make up a large percentage of our business, and we love providing turn key solutions to our world class clients. During our no-strings consultatation we create a Mind Map, think of this as a map for you to succeed online;  This is acheived by creating a custom plan of attack individually tailored by a marketing expert to every clients unique needs and wishes. Instant Site Builders and cheap over used generic layouts will not get you the type of success you deserve, nor will mass-produced sites without an artist aesthetic flare. We believe you truly can have it all and aim to provide just that – Out of this World Service Bringing your dreams to reality.

Web Design

Looking for a balance in your new website between both the technical side Professional Coding and Beautiful Marketing Aesthetic side? Look no further! Your website should be 'closing the deal' for you... Are your new visitors and potential customers falling in love with your brand or leaving them running to your competitors? Rebrand and shape up your business with industry standard world class web design. We are experts with HTML, WordPress, CSS, JS, Custom Sites, getting you as far away from cheap instant site builders that will never get you any traffic as fast as we can!

Click here for fun and dynamic, industry-leading websites that look great no matter what device they're loaded from
Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what makes your website show up #1 for keyword queries sent to Google and other search engines. We have clients ranking #1 for 30+ terms and have for years. We stick to strictly White Hat tactics, meaning we are 100% ethical and reserve the right to only work with clients we deem a good fit. We take pride in our expansive on and off page S.E.O. but ya know what they say 'Talk is cheap' - we've got clients ranking for 30+ terms and have resolved major issues getting clients to the top of the first page of ALL search engines. Are you Ready to win the Ranking game?

Click here for top-of-google niche dominating ranking and show your competition who's boss! We have clients ranking #1 for 30+ terms!
E-Commerce & Monetization

From Complete E-Commerce solutions like online shopping carts, to payment processing setup... Whether you deal in services and booking or products... Selling online is one of the biggest ways that small businesses have survived as industry giants have taken over. If your business already have stock and inventory - Why are you NOT selling online? We are pro's at helping our clients set up online stores, automate shipping calculations, as well as including taxes, and most importantly creating an online shopping experience that leaves your visitors coming back for more and most importantly increasing your overall profits.

Let's get you set up to sell on your website today! I can guarantee your competitors are already doing it, don't stall and lose any more money or potential customers!
Subscriptions & Memberships

One of the best ways we have been able to help many create passive income is by creating Membership programs so that they can receive residual income. If you have a collection of content that you could sell and are not quite sure how to do it, or if you regularly are blogging, sending newsletters, doing video conferences, but again are not monetizing this work in any meaningful way let our marketing experts help you create the perfect subscription or membership program! Complete with Easy monthly auto-billing, direct deposit, and fully automated client access management.

If you have a large audience, give them what they want! Offer regular content and premium access for nothing but the best! This is yet another way we can help you grow more streams of income using existing web assets.
Payment Processing

Pink Floyd said it best, ``New car, caviar, four star daydream, Think I'll buy me a football team``, but tell me - how are you gunna get there if you can't accept your customers AmEx? We have exceptional credit card processing rates and often can waive setup fee's! Cut out middle-man costs and unnecessary monthly fees, You won't believe how fair we treat you! We are Authorized.net authorized resellers and do NOT markup our payment services like so many others will.

Click here to start accepting cards and like they say, ``Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash!``. You will love how easy and transparent we make the process.
Amazon & eBay Sellers, Stores and More

If you already have a brick-and-mortar store with inventory, why not take advantage of the millions of people all over the world that want what you are selling yet don't know that you even exist? We can help you set a totally professional top notch eBay/Amazon/Etsy or other commerce solution tailored to exactly your needs.

Let's get you selling online today and watch how fast that stock of products moves! We love helping our customers make money online! We can help both new and experienced sellers maximize S.E.O. and gain more hits with proven results.
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates make money for recommending products they love yet not having to fulfill the orders leaves you with lower overhead and more time to run your business. Do not click here unless you want to write about what you are passionate about, generate traffic from your passion and monetize that traffic with products you actually believe in! We love helping people create residual income and monetize their traffic on their new or existing websites. Everybody has a hobby and a passion, are you making passive income for just talking about yours?

Click here if you are ready to make money writing about doing what you love! Our clients often tell us they wish they had started this years ago rather than fulfilling their own orders.
Click per Pay & AdSense

Contextual Ad's are everywhere, these are smart advertisements that show up based on what users are already looking for. This is yet another way we can help you gain more potential traffic and find hidden market segments clients are often shocked to see the opportunities just waiting. We love helping you find ways to increase R.O.I. and most importantly make sure that your web properties have nothing but the best content for your visitors.

Displaying Ad's on your content can be a very effective way to make money online as well as bringing your visitors great products. Let us help you solve all of your online advertising needs today!

Just Starting a new Website? This is for you!

Web Domains

Not only have we secured some of the coolest domains out there, we help our clients get amazing deals and lock in their names for 10 years because it's great for S.E.O. and getting traffic! Let us help you lock in your names, as well as hook you up with great pricing on email @yourdomain, SSL certificates, Experts and the best pricing on all domains such as: .com/.net/.org/.us/.biz/.club/.mobi/ and more!

Click here to lock in your name before you splurt it out in a bar and someone buys it out beneath you! Let's lock that bad boy in!
Web Hosting and Email

To have a website you have to having web hosting. Your hosting account is essentially your server, not only do we offer industry standard amazing hosting including Cloud based packagess, Managed WordPress packages, cPanel, WHM, Dedicated Servers, VPS's (Virtual Private Servers) as well as basic starter packages... We help you figure out exactly what would fit your needs and wants and help you get it at a great price.

No matter how big or small your web hosting and server needs are... We have totally got you covered!

Whether you are Branding a new venture, or refreshing a classic…

When it comes to Marketing we are Experts.

Not only do we have the technical skills to build what you need; We have leaderboard topping sales and sales management background experience.

Our marketing tactics have helped clients add millions of dollars to their books of business, added many thousands of followers, and helped most importantly establish brand’s trustworthyness through powerful and unique marketing.


We are experts at Marketing your business with:

Event Direction

Looking for a truly outside of the box experience for you and your guests? We love making the impossible happen, and looking good while we do it! From our past National Conferences, Conventions, Retail Grand Openings, Black Tie Dinners, Fashion Shows, Opera to Death Metal - We are quite experienced... With our pre-show checklist We'll make sure you have everything covered!

Click here to let us make your next event a blast that your guests will never forget! We have packages of all sizes.
Branding & Identity

The right logo can make or break your company's image to potential new customers. Want to make your brand stand out? When we walk into the room you will understand why you need to hire us to do your new logo and creative identity package. It's not just about being different, there's a fine balance between super cool and uber weird...

Click here to see how Rockstar we make our clients look with top-notch branding packages. No pixelated I've-Seen-That-Before lame logo's here!

All-Over shirts with Sublimation are our Fave's, Professionally Plastisol screenprinted t-shirts/hoodies/koozies/keychains will outlast the garbage local inkjet and heat transfer printers offer. If you can imagine it we can get it created. What else can you think of to put your logo on? We have exceptional pricing and bulk discounts.

Click here to see how we turn Fashion Line and Promo item dreams into reality, Let your fans promote your brand for you!
Printed Goods

We may be moving into a digital world but you still need things like Stickers, Decals, Business Cards, Letterhead, Banners, whatever you would want you logo on that isn't wearable but can be passed out, check in here... Quick turn around, unbeatable quality and untouchable prices - Don't let your old print shop down too hard!

Click here to see how we can solve all of your Printed Goods needs with the love and precision that we put into every project!
Video Production

As we always tell our customers if you didn't capture it - it didn't happen, let us help you record, brand, and even stream the videos of you dreams. From single-camera to multi-angle; We can even produce store-bought quality DVD's and Blu-Rays! With years of music production and film editing experience we love working with all types of video projects and audio projects as well.

Click here to create the video of yourself that your grandchildren will literally fall over laughing to
Graphic Design & Custom Art

Graphic design is so crucial in marketing and yet so many businesses get burned by low resolution graphics, cheap stock images that have been overused, or even in some very bad cases unlicensed images that can cost you thousands in legal fees. We have real artists, ready and willing to commission exactly the vision in your mind to properly portray your business! Or maybe you need some help coming up with a visual concept to market you brand, no worries there either!

Click here to have our team of creative experts bring your graphic game to the next level! Maybe you can use those low resolution, fuzzy, old graphics as well as your old marketing agencies business cards as fire starter for the winter months?
Audio Production

With a huge focus on audio production, our founder Brad 'Dez' Stevens is very passionate about music. His personal hobbies and side projects stem across many musical projects, We love making jingles, background audio, or specific songs as needed for TV Commercials, Youtube Videos, Event Introductions, Presentations, etc... We've recorded major label artists, produced music from all genre's. Are you ready to rock? We are.

Whatever your Audio Production needs are, let us help the world hear your message loud and clear today!

Are you ready for your close-up? Well it's time to say ``CHEESE`` baby! We love rocking it for our clients when it comes to Retail / Product / Event / Portrait / Creative type photography and image retouching. With years of dark room and 35mm experience as well as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom - we have what it takes to help you portray the images that will reflect the level of confidence you and your brand should naturally exude. We also have great Lighting, Makeup and Hair professionals on call when needed!

Click here to see what kind of magic we have captured with our lenses, but only if you want to look great!

Got Computer Problems?

We have Answers!

From complete service contracts to take care of your entire staff, or one-time hourly contract jobs to speed up your machines… We have all of your tech bases covered with our life-long passion of all things tech. You will expect us to expose the ‘Superman “S”‘ after you see just how on-top of our world class support for everything IT, One on One training or Repair, and all things Geek.

IT & Tech Support

Computer running slow? Need to upgrade your machine? You'll want to quickly get out of our way, as we have the pocket protectors, thick-framed glasses and rooted & hacked TI-83 calculators to prove we mean business. Virus? Cha! Crashed? No Prob Brah! Literally no matter what your computer woes are, we are here to tell you that the big bad wolf has been slayed and Solve Design Create is here to save the day! You will start calling us your 'Tech Support Super Hero' after the first session - Guaranteed.

Click here to get the best technical and network support for both business and personal, mac and windows - You can count on us!
Training & Coaching

With experts in Visual/Audible/List based/Guided instructions, Let us help you learn how to get it done using industry standard tools. We make it easy! Sometime's you have deadlines, a team, and the proper solution is to bring in an expert like us to help your team not only learn and understand how to manage the task at hand but how to shine while they do it! We love teaching our clients to take off with flying colors and if you try us you will see why.

Let us help take your team to the next level. We make it easy from 1-on-1 to On Site Group training sessions... Let's get everyone on the same page and make sure you are setup for success!
On-Location Services

If you need us to be there in person - No problem! We do whatever it takes to not only meet but exceed all expectations of a given project. From Server installs, entire office Computer upgrades, to even managing and handling your personal backup and security needs in your home office... Once our clients start working with us they often don't want to have anyone else come close to their computers, tablets and smart phones. You will never want to call Geek Squad ever again.

Let down by previous marketing agencies, IT ``Professionals`` and all the likes of these wanna-be's? Ready to get the support you've been looking for and deserve!
Remote Support

Whether you want to picture our CEO riding in on a 0-60 in 2.3 seconds sportbike, or having Scotty 'Beam me up' right on to your computer only when you give access to have an expert fix any and all issues quickly, painlessly, and effectively! We have stopped many infections, helped clients recover lost data, and many other dire situations - count on us!

Click here to learn what having 'Johnny on the Spot' is really all about - 24/7 Emergency VIP Remote Support - When you need us most!
Backup Solutions

In this digital age we live in, it has happened to all of us... We've all lost that hard drive full of precious moments or important documents but with Solve Design Create's premium backup solutions these worries are a thing of the past! Let us help you set up automated cloud and/or local backups depending on your needs! We can handle anything from a personal computer, a house full of computers, to an office or corporation with 1000's of individual stations requiring back-ups. Never lose your data ever again - Let's protect your time, investment, data and business today.

Never lose your important data ever again! From Photos, Documents, to entire disk backups, let us automate the process for you!
Apple / Mac / iOS Support

No matter what your tech needs are our Geeks can handle it! We support all Apple products and are experts with those super sexy and sleek aluminum unibody machines. What's not to love about an operating system so intuitive it's almost psychic. We think Steve Jobs was a hero, and beyond even just prefer to work on Mac's we reccomend them to all of our clients

Click here to see how we have totally got your back for all Apple Products... PS: They're our favorite too, but only because they're the best!
Windows Support

Most corporate businesses are used to using Windows machines, and we want to make sure to support you in the ways that you need. Whether it is hardware from adding Memory, a Solid State Drive, or even software and operating systems... We have got you covered with a complete solution for both on-site and remote Windows / PC support and tech expertise. No matter what is wrong we can and will find a solution!

Click here to stop wasting money on Geek Squad, or lining Bill Gates pockets any further. Let's get your personal machine or the entire office up to spec and running smoothly!

If They say Content is King.

Then let us be your Knight in Shining Armor!

Let our team of passionate and creative writers blow your visitors away with unique and compelling content for your entire brand’s web presence. After we help your brand come to life with its new identity; We can help you with stellar social media campaigns, automated newsletter systems, and regular blog posts to keep your visitors coming back for more!

Social Marketing

With analytics to prove it, we often double our clients networks within 6-12 months of launching a new website! We have so much for though to maximize your ability to automate: Facebook this, Tweeting that, Follow me there, and make sure you like my album! Reshare me overe here, and Pin my pic to let me know you want to kik it or snapchat! Get with the times won't ya?!

Click here to learn what being the most popular kid in school felt like - Let's blow you up!
Blogs and Content

Very often we find that people need help in creating the content to go on their new website or blog. We love taking your story and bringing it to life. Whether it's a once in a while power session or regularly scheduled monthly package of blog posts, to our regular's that keep coming back for more... Many of our clients are already too busy running their business and enjoy the dependability and professionalism we offer. We love helping people use the awesome websites we build and making sure they get lots of good old healthy organic traffic. By writing about what your potential customers are searching for we help you show up for who is looking for someone that does What you do, Where you do it!

Are you ready to get found? Do you need help keeping up with your blog and making sure that your website is up-to-date? Learn how we can help get your blog to take off for the stars!
Newsletter & Email Lists

As ethical marketers; We will not help you spam people however we would love to help you set up a helpful and friendly newsletter! We include all CAN-SPAM law friendly practices, template everything and make sure that our solution is completely turn-key! We have precise means using tried and trusted methods in order to get you: Tablet Signups, Website signups, Newsletter Templates, Lead Generation, Contact Organization, Integration and so much more! We are experts with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and all of the industry standard solutions. Lets get you in contact with your customer base, if they aren't hearing from you they're likely hearing from and going to your competitors.

Click here to see some examples of how we keep our clients completely booked up - just using their email lists! Your best customers want to know what is going on!
Web Maintenance

The Coffee icon is no joke, we take keeping your website up-to-date and running smoothly just as much we enjoy having nice tasty roasted dirty-chai latte's... But just like a cup of joe that has been burnt, without proper care and attention to details websites can have all sorts of trouble! We make sure your site is up to date, keep your customers abreast of all you have going on, and make sure you have 99.9% up-time.

Let us save you time and money by implementing a strategy to keep your site online and up-to-date, reflective of your brand with each and all of the moves you make!

We love helping our Clients find Solutions

Hire our ‘Brains’ and let us maximize your efficiency today!

Increaing ROI, simplifying processes through automation, or even just helping you with one-on-one brainstorming to perfect that new business model… With over 10 years of experience working with brands of all sizes, We have helped start and grow Restauraunts, Magazines and Press, Local Stores, Online Stores, International Artists, Amazon topping Authors, and Major Label Musicians. We would love to help your brand be all that it can be. Take a look at our consulting services below.


As strictly 'White-Hat Hackers', We Know how to break things but having the moral compass not to and instead focus on providing means to protect our clients from other techies that may not have been so enlightened... Let us help you cover your buns online with VPN's, Securing your identities and logins properly, Network Security, Network Security Penetration Testing (BackTrack 5 and BackTrack 4 Experts on call)

Let us help you put a moat around your digital castle, doesn't hurt to hire a computer guy they call the wizard who's into dragons either! We will give you the equivalent Excalibur for all of your online battles!

All jokes aside - We are some smart cookies... We love helping our clients brainstorm and think of ways to up-scale their ideas... If you are looking for brainstorming to take your idea to the level of your dreams, this is exactly what you are looking for! We are very thorough and extremely well-versed with years of experience backed by a portfolio packed with success.

Click here to see just how much of that success can rub off on you, hey stop rubbing my belly!
Market & Trend Analysis

Make sure you aren't forgetting or neglecting any major market segments, we set up reports and analytic monitors for our clients to keep an eye on their niche with ease... Let us help you make your life easier so you can keep your network abreast of all that is going on without driving yourself bonkers! We love having an ongoing rapport with our all of our website and S.E.O. clients so this is a natural part but often overlooked in the planning stages for a site!

Let's make sure that we are picking the strongest and most heavily used terms OR are finding a super-ripe keyword that is just waiting to be put to good use in establishing your brand!
Lead Generation

Looking to drum up some business? We would love to help you find not just random people but actual niche-directed, qualified and deal closing leads... We have many tactics to help you not only find interested potential customers but do so in an efficient and effective way. Using the power of our tech wizardry, let us help you get all the leads you need for your business today!

Do you need more customers? Click here if you are saying to yourself, `` Sign me up! I'm in - I want more leads than I would know what to do with!``

All Services Provided listed Alphabetically

All Services Provided

Listed Alphabetically below

Let us help you Do More! Below is a list of ALL of the services we provide here at Solve Design Create. As all customers receive a custom tailored package based on their requirements; Please do not let this list intimidate you, we often will have customers that are calling us access these pages to quickly get to a specific type of service. Feel free to browse these services and see possibilities for where we could help you take your brand! We love helping you Bring your Dreams to Reality with you guessed it – Out of this World Service!

Please bare with us while We are in the process of adding a ton of content on all of these individual pages.
If you have any questions at all as always don’t hesitate to Contact Us

or call us for immediate service at +1(239)963-1213


See what our awesome clients have to say about working with us:

""Brad was a huge help. He was able to save my computer and data. Very knowledgeable and friendly service.""

Timothy McCubbin, Artist and Furniture Creator

"Great people. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Amazing work."

JC Gutierrez, Owner of JC Productions

""I have been working with Solve Design Create LLC for a little over a month now on the branding and website for my business. A friend had suggested their services and I am so glad she did! Upon our first meeting I was impressed by Brad's expansive knowledge and the fact that he had a go to support person, Christina, they were so excited about my vision and what I wanted to create that I hired them on the spot. I originally was looking for a logo and maybe a website some day in the future...... then I met Brad and Christina. Their enthusiam for their work and their ability to clearly see my visions assisted me in moving my own blockages around building this business and together we have been working to create a really amazing website which when completed will far exceed my original expectations and one that I am confident will offer a high ROI. I was lucky enough to work side by side with them during the logo development and it was incredible to see someone take what was in my head, add steroids and to see it in front of me! It was magic. The amount of value that is packed into the services provided by Solve Design Create LLC is only surpassed by the quality of work which they produce. I am so thankful that our paths have crossed and that they are assisting me in building my business' online presence. I would most definitely recommend this company to anyone interested in building their online presence or rebranding their company. Brad and Christina you are amazing! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the World, I look forward to working together for years to come!""

Nicole Sandhu, Owner of The Gypsy Sea Witch

""I have been working with Solve Design Create for over two years. My website is better than ever, the creativity is better than you can find anywhere else, and more ideas than you can ask for. Be sure to book far enough in advance as they have many clients and projects. Great personal service and lots of heart""

Catherine Marie, CEO of Naturally You Healing and CaregiversSurvival.com

""If you get to work with SolveDesignCreate, you will sleep well, knowing that your site is safe up and running, and properly developed and protected. Just make sure you have enough content and S.D.C. will make sure it is placed and looks appropriate according to your needs.""

Nadia Artman, CEO of Artman Productions

""Solve Design Create has been helping take The Treasure Chest Fl to the next level . I am so thankful for the knowledge and professionalism this company has.""

Treasure Rose, Owner of The Treasure Chest Fl

We offer a no-strings consultation

Let’s see if we are a good mutual fit!


Maybe you want to learn a little more about us…

This is an excerpt from our About Page


Experience The ‘Solve Design Create Difference’

After one brainstorming session you will want to drop your old marketing hacks

…and FAST! Here’s why:

 We’ve often been told that once working with us customers, “Cannot imagine how they handled their advertising and computer issues” prior to having us on their side as their “Official Dragon Slayers”… Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you and your brand or business. You will be working one-on-one with an expert and your project if we so decide to work together will be built with love right here in the USA. Focusing on Quality over Quantity – we strive to build long term relationships with our clients.

Convenient Online Meetings

With clients spanning the entire globe we regularly meet with clients both in person and of course digitally through Skype and Remote Meetings. We aim to please with quick turn arounds to make sure your needs and goals are met.

Emergency Deadline?

Contact us immediately if you have a project that needs attention yesterday. We are known for being able to knock out projects and save the day when you need it most. Is there a fire to put out? Let's get your marketing and tech needs met - TODAY!

Beauty Meets Functionality

Finally a marketing firm that isn't solely tech or solely graphics... We are both tech savvy and creative. The most beautiful site in the world is useless without proper SEO to get traffic to it. Fire the amateurs and let's get you all over the web!

Remote Support

We have our clients backs, have a quick issue? We can login remotely and get you back to business in no time, all the while providing friendly service with a smile!

Lifesaving Support

We answer the call of duty, be it a crashed server, hacked site, no matter how bad your computer, tech or website woes are you will be so thankful you found Solve Design Create.

Custom Tailored Fit

We design an individualized solution for your marketing based on your brands specific needs, wants and goals... Break away from Templated copycat marketing today!

Advanced Analytics

We do not 'Guess', all of our highly targeted tactics and marketing maneuvers are carefully researched and planned to bring you more of the right traffic.

Brainstorming Superstars

We love helping our customers both develop and come up with new ideas for their branding, online presence, marketing opportunities and ways to monetize their business they may have never thought of!

Responsive Web Design

Now with 60% of traffic being mobile, We were years ahead of the curve making sure sites load great on all devices from iPhones to Tablets and desktops to Smart TV's.

Experience Our Turn-Key World Class Services

Just want to pay for what you envision and have it work?

…then my friend look no further!

 We’ve often been told that once working with us customers, “Cannot imagine how they handled their advertising and computer issues” prior to having us on their side as their “Official Dragon Slayers”… Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you and your brand or business. You will be working one-on-one with an expert and your project if we so decide to work together will be built with love right here in the USA. Focusing on Quality over Quantity – we strive to build long term relationships with our clients.

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