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About Solve Design Create

Let us tell you a little bit about who we are and what we stand for.

After years gaining first-hand and real world experience from freelancing, contract work and the subsequent creation of this company, we are very thankful to have had the opportunity to work very in-depth with accomplished and successful professionals. These cover many marketing niches and fields of business ranging from major label to regional artists, small to large corporations, to even the artsier side of live production events for fashion, national conventions, and best selling authors book tours. Many of our clients are also local businesses that simply want the best when it comes to marketing and the supportive IT team for their brand.

We work with essentially every type of market ranging beyond artists and celebs that want to go global to loving to support the Mom and Pops businesses that keep the country alive. We are all about independant business owners. We aim to empower the little guy. Home Depot just moved to town and you have a hardware store? You NEED Solve Design Create’s magic touch. Past experience also includes: luxury retail, five star dining to family dining, technology-based services, wealth management, health and medical fields, and last but definitely not least the automotive market. Don’t think it’s a coincidence we are growing business back in Brad’s hometown of Detroit! If it makes money, is a legitimate business, and is trying to help people not hurt people we probably have already worked with it and have some ideas that can really ignite your online presence, and FAST! Not to be rude, but at this point in our career we like to right off the bat say there are some markets we DO NOT work with. Do not contact us for anything having to do with Pornography, Hate or Harrassment, etc…

We keep on course with a strong moral compass and while working with many abstract niches we like to keep our conscience and portfolio clean and cool, using our powers for good not evil.

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By bringing your dream to life; Ignite a new, exciting, user-friendly and modern experience!


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Industry standard technology and artistic insight – Who said you can’t have beauty and function?


By keeping up with ever-changing technology, we surge ahead of our competitors.


We believe in coming up with original ideas and taking them to the world.


Striving to help your business grow while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. We deliver quality products and services.


Our SEO helped Clients rank top 3 and #1 for 30 terms in a week after launch? Yep… and some going on 8 years strong!


How does 98.4% of 55 million hits sound? We know how to keep you online through the meteor storm of web traffic!


From full office tech makeovers under expert consultation to the every day make-my-life easier IT solutions that will leave you scratching your head, “Why didn’t I think of that?”


We are a complete marketing solution and we handle your project entirely in-house with love from start to finish.


Looking at your problem as if they were our own We do what it takes to help our clients roar and soar in their dreams.

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Our Services can be broken down into 3 simple categories

Marketing Services

We here at Solve Design Create LLC help brands take all of their aspects of marketing and attune it to what their brand can really become. Do you ever wonder why certain products soar and others flop? It’s likely that the marketing behind them hit a good niche or demographic and they found their success. We love helping businesses ‘niche’ themselves in that we believe you should be the best version of your authentic self. You should be the best you that you can possible be, and we want to help push, brand, and market THAT. Marketing is an art all that of its own. It’s got a certain magic about it, we are constantly chasing that magic and the ‘thread of genius’ – did I not mention I’m a wizard? 

Ready to hire your very own


Creative Services

If I didn’t say I was a crazy artist I wouldn’t be being MY authentic self. I love being creative in everything I do and have expressed myself my entire life. I started a business to help people with what skills I knew I was already good at, but as it grew my creative touch and artist vision often was called upon. Now I offer that vision and capturing of the magic to you. I love coming up with something new, finding the ‘just right’ concept, and doing what it takes to totally bring that dream to life. Our creative ventures are often more by request due to the custom nature but we are always looking for a new fun adventure to go on! We also LOVE on-location work and do travel. You can read more about booking us on the BOOK NOW page, but of course if you have any questions never hesitate to just pick up the phone and give us a call Solve Design Create LLC directly at +1(239)963-1213.

Ready to give your brand the


Technology Services

From fixing high end servers to helping the average Joe out with remote support, sometimes you need a computer expert, and I guess the secret’s out, I’m like a super-nerd. If I don’t know how to fix it (I probably do) I will find out how. My entire life I was the one that would buy a new computer, immediately taking it apart as soon as I got home and changing all the parts out, often before even turning it on… I LOVE playing with tech, and am a whiz at solving your IT problems. From literally walking a meltdown-facing-client through operating system restoration through FaceTime, to ensuring that our VIP clients privacy is protected by helping you with Password Management, Encryption & VPN’s, Virus Removal and Tech Support when you need it most. Solve Design Create LLC has tech expertise you can count on. 

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These are some of our favorite examples of what we do…

Check out the magic we helped these awesome brands capture!

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Courtney Hansen - television host and personality - celebrity website design.
We created a custom branding package for Gordon Asher Davidson and Corinne McLaughlin of the Firebird Group / Live the Future Now / Transfiguration of Our World / Spiritual Politics, etc... Our custom solution was devised of a full branding and identity package to simplify and present all of the various endeavors that they are involved with including features like a fully functional turn-key membership and billing system, affiliate products, to off-site courses in an awesome custom e-commerce WordPress website designed from the ground up to their exact needs and wishes.

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We are a Concierge-Level Creative Marketing Agency igniting Brands with Technology driven solutions both on-and-off-line! Let’s take your brand to the next level! We are:

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