Logo Design

Your logo essentially becomes the face of your business. Proper brand identity can help potential clients choose your business over others by clearly designating what you offer and the quality of product or service that your company offers. We would go as far as saying your logo can make or break you. Do you want to fall into the crowd and be forgotten or be remembered when your customers need what you do best?

We regularly design logos for brands from all walks of life, across all business niche markets. Solve Design Create prides itself in bringing your vision to life. Countless past clients have told us that the finished product was exactly what they envisioned, some have even been brought to tears. We want to design a logo for you that you are proud of and more importantly that your customers want to buy from.
The biggest difference between us and other designers is that we design your logo and branding live with you via a zoom session. Work directly with a Photoshop and illustrator expert, find the exact presentation that you strive for your business to project. By doing this we find that we are able to quickly Intuit and work with you in creating exactly what you are looking for to make your brand stand out.
Our typical logo design sessions help to find both the visual elements and stylings that are simple enough when they are used for a profile picture, a business card, your merchandise, or seen going down the road – to immediately invoke your Brand’s vision and message. Some logo designers will not provide full source files, and this is just wrong – we provide variations for light and dark backgrounds, transparent variations, vectorized versions and anything else are branding and identity clients could need. Many clients will also have a set them up with a social media dressing package, or a print dressing package including letterhead, business cards, banners, car graphics and more.
We want you to love looking at your new logo as much as we love designing it with you. The best part about our job is that we get to be creative everyday. It’s very rewarding when we can help ignite the passion that led you to originally starting the business, but nothing beats when our clients tell us that their customers love their new branding. If you are ready to take your brand to the next level and give it the love that it deserves book a solution session today.