Online Booking Forms

If you have a service-based business and you are not currently using online booking you are missing a huge opportunity of income and potential work. Even if it comes down to the fact of having your staff using online booking to set up appointments for customers… By streamlining this you can slowly automate more and more of your business to generate leads and increase your return on investment. In short online booking is offering a simple portal for potential people to setup an appointment with you. We have setup some that do not require payment, some that do… To even some that automatically schedule and invite Zoom/Google Meet sessions to help you leverage the power of your technology at hand.

Due to the ease of access of offering online booking forms; One of the most important ways that this can affect your business is by offering automation. Essentially you are turning your website into a robot secretary that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Many times we hear from people that just offering online booking was what got them in the door. Being able to set an appointment even if it’s just for a consultation call can often be what ends up getting you that lead to turn into a customer.
No matter what your business is – Just like a restaurant offering its menu of delicious food this also is a great way for you to show all of your services so where a customer may come in for web design we end up selling them on why they need search engine optimization or even e-commerce such as this in needing something like an online booking solution.
There are many ways to create an online booking solution such as using something like the WordPress plugin Amelia that offers a self-hosted white-labeled solution that looks great on all devices that you can totally customize for your needs to even using something like calendly that allows users to go and book a call, a zoom meeting excetera and very easily lock in with you to confirm an appointment.
The biggest thing that offering online booking does is allowing you to more over focus on just driving traffic to your site to where it closes the deal. It becomes the appointment scheduler and again reiterating what we touched on earlier even if your staff is also using this booking portal this is a great way to centralize and streamline the booking practices of your brand.
If you want to start working smarter not harder and streamlining your business to offer online bookings we would love to speak to you more. Please go ahead and book a solution session on our online booking page and we will show you how we can help your brand Roar and Soar.