Newsletters are a nicer way to say email marketing. By collecting email addresses you can offer sales and specials to potential clients and existing customers alike to increase your conversion and profits. We help clients integrate email marketing solutions into their business to make it a part of your everyday process. We can also help integrating this with Point of sales.

Did you know one of the worst things you can do for your business is sending out a mail blast and pasting everyone in the CC field, firstly because it exposes everyone’s email to all the other recipients on the list and possible competitors, secondly because unsolicited email is a misdemeanor for everyone sent due to the CANSPAM act.

Popular newsletter and email marketing platforms include MailChimp and constant contact. We prefer MailChimp for its ease of use but are very familiar with working with both. Whether you are starting your brand new email list, handling one full of tens or hundreds of thousands of existing people we can help your business with all of your email marketing needs. Typically our customers will have us create templates so it is easy for them to have a soapbox for their brand and send out regular email blasts. We highly recommend to all of our clients to not annoy people and to respect users privacy and make sure to stay up to date on industry standard practices such as GDRP.
Smart email marketing would include reaching out to customers after they have not visited your business, or even sending abandoned cart emails when someone added a product or service but did not follow through with the checkout process. Something as simple as sending out a birthday coupon can help show customers that you appreciate them and keep your business in the back of their mind. Drip email marketing is when you set up multiple emails that go out automatically at a specified interval so that every week someone that signs up is getting more information to effectively build a relationship and help you close the deal.
In the digital marketing world they say content is king, well we say contact is Queen and we would love to help you stay in contact with your customers. Make sure that they remember your brand when it comes time for their purchasing conversion. Book a solution session today and let’s give your business the email marketing is deserves.