Why are we so good at SEO?

Many other programmers and designers through the years have joked with us that SEO is kind of like the voodoo of the tech world. We would like to divolve why we are so good at search engine optimization. It’s really quite simple. Most web designers and marketing agencies use SEO as an afterthought, to make a comparison to cars they go and buy an economical sports car and then hope to make it fast… Versus say a luxury company that creates a car to be fast from the ground up, where it was designed to be fast.

Many times we have helped clients where past web designers did not have any experience or success with search engine optimization revamp and rebuild their sites into much better solutions in order to increase customer acquisition, online visibility and overall brand presence. In today’s growing technological world online market penetration is of the utmost importance and is something that definitely cannot be neglected.
The reason most web designers usually get lost in this supposed ‘voodoo’ of online marketing is that it is very complex and usually most of them don’t stay on top of it. Over the past decade that we have been working thoroughly with search engine optimizing websites, online stores, social media assets and more, there have been many Google updates that completely change what works and what doesn’t work. We are truly passionate about marketing and can show you countless examples of clients that are utilizing our SEO expertise to show their niche they mean business.
We also take a look at sites that are currently ranking for your main keywords in addition to analyzing keyword traffic through Google Trends, seeing the value of keywords in Click per Pay as well doing an analysis of your competitions source code and site structure. We make very calculated attack plans to not only aim for success but to reach in the correct directions for it. Often times we are even able to find micro-niches and keywords that our clients may have not thought of to find new vertical markets to increase profits.
Don’t let your business have online success as an afterthought; build it in from the ground up. As the saying goes Failure to plan is planning to fail… Let us help create a roadmap for your business goals and search optimization plans with one of our signature solution sessions – book yours today.