What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is an ongoing field of tactics that is focused around creating web assets in a manner that makes them more relevant and likely to show up on search engine results. We often joke that most web designers “don’t know what they don’t know” and this in turn can hurt your business. An SEO expert should be able to show you a portfolio full of actualized results, clients that are ranking number one for their keywords. We often show a crown jewel of our search engine optimization portfolio that is ranking number one for over 400 terms.

There are many aspects of proper SEO. Our company prides itself in using only ethical tactics as questionable ones can get you blacklisted and or banned from search engines. There is both on page SEO, which is utilizing tactics to optimize your website directly on your own website, and off page seo, which is utilizing links and tactics from other websites to reinforce the relevancy and validity of yours.
Some web designers that are unscrupulous use black hat tactics that are less than favorable to Google and the other search engines which may provide quick flash in the pan success but long-term does not last. By focusing on white hat techniques we have had clients that have gone on to rank number one for their terms for as long as we’ve been in business. Another one of our ‘Brad-isms’ is that “most people market like they’re stabbing in the dark while we operate like a laser”… With proper keyword research and ethical SEO a brand stands the best chance to show up for what they do where they do it.
One test to see if a brand is optimized and their current website is utilizing good SEO practices is first to Google their name. If other businesses are showing up by default these businesses have better SEO practices and often this dispels that the one in question is lacking that aspect in the foresight of the build. Google results are constantly shuffling and will change on every load, but the next test is looking for ‘what you do where you do it’, you may have seen us say that several times around the site… By showing up for this people that are looking for what you have to offer but do not know you exist find your brand instead of your competition. We will often optimize for “Keyword in City”, “Keyword in City, State”, “Keyword in City, State abbreviation” and many other variances to make sure that you are showing up as much as possible. While there is no guarantee with SEO as the results are constantly shuffling you can judge a good SEO agency by the results they are able to present to you from past clients.
Are you ready to start showing up now that you understand what search engine optimization or SEO is? We would love to help you dominate your niche and rank on Google so that people that are looking for what your brand has to offer stand a chance in finding you, instead of ending up on your competitors websites and not knowing that you exist. Most people never go past the first say three results, we love getting clients to number one. If you are ready to take your brand the next level book a solution session today.