Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is building a website that loads specifically for the device it is being viewed on. We’ve all loaded a website before on a smartphone or tablet and had to pinch and zoom in and out to get the page to properly display, no one enjoys this. By creating a better user experience by a website that seems like it was designed for the platform it was loaded on, and doing such in a way that it is universal to whatever device it could be loaded in you Ensure that your potential website visitor has the best possible chance at converting into a paying customer.

On average our clients will see 60 to 80% of their traffic being from mobile devices. 90% of adults in the United States have a cell phone and of that 90%, 58% have a smartphone. These users check their device on average 150 times a day, and by making sure that your brand is presented properly when they are looking at it on their iphone, android, tablet or desktop and that it always loads correctly you are making sure that they will have no trouble navigating your website.
Other enjoyable responsive website design tactics we implement include sticky menus so that it is always easy to find what visitors are looking for, and being able to tweak site font sizes for different size screens. Traditional static websites that are non-responsive are most often reported as being problematic in viewing, and often users find these hard to navigate and end up leaving these sites rather than converting to a paying customer.
We started working with responsive designs over a decade ago when you still had to thoroughly research if a layout for a website was going to be responsive, and many plugins still were not. Our initial tactics were utilizing with percentage-based dimensions to make sure that whatever was loaded always was the correct percentage of the screen real estate. This is something that we have been helping clients with for an extremely long time and are thoroughly experienced with. Your end users will appreciate this as being visible online is just as important as being easy to navigate. In many cases this can negate the need for an app for a business as the website essentially becomes app like, and further you can even create mobile and tablet only modes of a website to make sure that what is necessary to navigate is visible, and what is too complex or unneeded can be disabled or converted into a more viewable presentation.
Way back in 2015 people searching online from their smartphone increased from 800 million to 1.9 billion, if you still do not have a responsive website it’s far past time that we got your business looking the best it could… This combined with our expertise in search engine optimization so that you are showing up when people are looking for what you do where you do it makes a fatal combination for excellent and effective customer acquisition. Book a solution session today and let us show you how we can help you with all of your responsive website design needs.