What is Responsive Web Design?

Many times working with clients and talking jargon a web design and online digital marketing… we get asked, “what is responsive web design?” The answer is quite simple: having a responsive website means that no matter what device your website is loaded on the pages will look correct. In a way almost makes your website look like it is an app where are the mobile users are fed a different version of every page as our tablet users and laptop or desktop users.

The reason this is so important is twofold. One it definitely affects your search engine optimization or S.E.O., Google judges your site on seeing how mobile friendly it is even to seeing how close clickable elements are and if everything fits on the page nicely. While generating organic traffic with good SEO is definitely important we believe something far more important is offering a wonderful customer experience for potential leads visiting your website and digital assets. By having a fully responsive website you are guaranteeing that no matter what device your customers are loading your web pages on, it will be a natural flow and be easy to navigate for them to find what they are looking for and to either buy or book your service or product. This in turn increases conversion which means more money in your pocket with more efficient ROI.
While we can make any website responsive such as doing custom CSS in HTML work in Adobe Creative Suite applications such as Dreamweaver, we prefer working in WordPress as we are able to make these websites even more efficiently and streamline changes site-wide. This in turn allows you to be able to update and maintain your website and create content that again looks great no matter what device that you were maybe looking at it on. In the end this means that visitors stay on your site longer which relates back to SEO and having a higher retention can literally and absolutely increase the likely of search engines to recommend your business and website over your competitors and others in your niche.
Whether your website needs a complete overhaul and redesign or if you are just trying to tweak and fix what you already have and utilize existing content we are experts with building responsive websites. We would love to set up a solution session with you and show you exactly what we can do for your brand and building a 100% fully mobile-friendly website design to help you look your best.