Domain Names

Web domain names are one of the very most important aspects to an online brand. A domain name is the ‘.com’ location and address of your website. Other common examples of web domains are: .net, .org, .us… And now many offshoots have sprung up such as .me, .business, .church, .shop and more. Domain names are purchased yearly and should be owned directly by the business itself.

Most people purchase their domain names through popular domain registrars such as GoDaddy, NameCheap, 1and1, and sometimes through hosting companies or even less than favorable platforms like Wix, Shopify and Squarespace. We have found to be the best and currently reccommend NameCheap for their outstanding price value and customer service. Some unscrupulous web designers will purchase your domain name in their name and can essentially hold you hostage by doing so, the same can be said about web hosting. In educating our clients we often get these bad web designers fired.

Website domain names can also affect search engine optimization or SEO. Older domain names are better when you are trying to get a website to rank number one on Google, but this is not the be all end all. Your web domain helps you prove your relevancy to the search engines, and also should be easy to remember so that clients know how to find you. We
 recommend to all of our clients is that you buy your web address for the maximum years that you can, usually up to 10 years. This is to show Google and the other search engines that you are serious about your business and will help with your SEO efforts.
‘Domain name hoarding’ is the process of buying an unnecessary amount of too many domains, we recommend against this practice and instead say focus on the ones that are crucial to your business and can help you in making the determination in which domain names you should and should not be purchasing.
Whether you are coming up with a new business, or have a booming existing one… Your domain name is how your customers are going to be introduced to your brand whether they see your web address on social media, print materials, a TV commercial or otherwise. Solve Design Create is here to help with all of your web domain needs. Set up a solution session today to take care of whatever is afflicting your business and rest assured that an online marketing expert will be looking at your brand as if it were their own.