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Top notch Audio and Video Production services

That’s right Rockstar, and it will be filmed in 4k, while you blast your live stream all over the globe, and already have a killer commercial lined up ready to press ‘play’ that we helped you produce that presents you brand in the absolute best light possible. Oh, and We can SEO and optimize the video to make sure it gets tons of traffic. Maybe you would benefit from a blast package to help your video come out with a bang. Oh, and when you do go viral we can make sure the site stays live; our track record was through 55 million hits handled from a viral video that went off the charts for a client with about 99.9% uptime. We made sure that they were able to capture as much of that traffic at the most important time for their business, you know because that’s just how we roll.


We love helping our clients walk in, demand the presence of whatever stage or medium they may be commanding, and truly dominate their niche. 

Capture what makes you different; Take your brand to a new level


We love creating everything from documentary long archival level pieces of history such as professionally recording in high definition National Conventions, live music performances, to managing and producing fun and crazy music videos for artists that like to push the envelope of creativity… We also love helping our clients create a slew of short videos they can use to promote themselves for their next book tour or new product launch.

If a picture says a million words…

Our Pro Audio/Video Production Service helps you deliver your brands ‘language’


The future is now, how are you presenting yourself? 1080p minimum but preferably 4k video with high definition audio gives a complete view of a lifestyle. We help brands take their business to an entirely new level. We want to push you. We want to help you set yourself apart from your crowd. We are also musicians and performers so we understand the art of performance, the technical side of putting on a killer show, and the important of capturing it in the best possible formats available so that we can use it to promote and grow your brand in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

We’re your Magical Media-Making Magicians

Your brand is dying to knock visitors off with a killer youtube logo sting, or maybe 3-pack of videos documenting and showcasing what you do and why your potential customers should choose to work with you. Dez had this to add, “I remember when recording a major label artist one time for a collaborative track and his eye’s were on fire when he heard how “Big and Ferocious” the vocals he sounds, it was clear again most people are following trends. Everyone is using the same stuff and it seems almost trying to sound the same. Take one look at my personal music endeavors and you will see I am the farthest thing possible from that. If you want to push the envelope…. If you want to stand out… If you want to be “Hatori Hanso” level of rockstar in media we will create to bring your vision to life; portraying your brand with audio and video productions, you really should stop stalling and just click that contact button or call us now so we can get you on the calendar.

Some examples of our Video Production Work

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