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Audio Video production services in Detroit Michigan and Naples Florida, as well as on location through-out the world. We deliver world class quality logo stings, event filming, branding and video opener packages, social media video production, social media logo stings, tv commercial video production, and so much more! If you are looking for killer top notch video production, film production, or 3d animation for video production contact us today at Solve Design Create!

Creative Services with your vision in mind from the start.

let us help you bring your creative marketing ideas to live

The experience that we have earned in created websites and having some that have ranked for over a decade has taught us plenty while also forcing us to develop our own methods and techniques. A huge part of the success of this company I strongly believe is our endless passion for the creative and artistic services that we provide. It’s an absolute pleasure to offer to create and extensively bring brands to life with our content production, brand development services such as logo design and custom graphics for merchandising… To photographing and filming to edit a beautiful promotional video complete with your slick new logo sting and your product looking the best it posssibly can; all the while properly asserting your brands dominance and position within your niche. We strive to help pull the ‘YOU’ out of your unique brand and take it to a whole new level. We LOVE creating and collaboratively taking your idea as if it were our own, as if your business was OUR baby, and how we can help maximize your effectiveness in your expression of your brand identity and image.

True Crazy Artists at heart we love creating original and outside-of-the-box content that not only catches your audiences attention but clearly defines your brand!


What’s great about working with us is we are experienced on all angles of the creative marketing service, from idea and consulting, to design and implementation, and of course through production and distribution. We strive to help you with complete and turn-key solutions that will work and make your brand look great. The image and the impact you make is just as important as it working well, this creative aspect of our business was always present but truly arose from needs such as images for websites, we’d far rather help you create much more effective content that TRULY reflects your brand rather than just finding some ‘that will do’. Get a hold of us and let us get you excited again about the vision you had for your brand when you first started – we are ingiting creative individuals ready to help you roar and soar.

All Creative Services

Looking for a custom logo sting or a video intro? We create impactful video introductions and logo stings for all types of businesses all the time! We love creating a video intro / logo sting that will help define and set your brand apart from your competition. Branding is an art... You can trust in our digital marketing expertise to make sure that you define and project the image that properly assets your brand the way you have always dreamed. Solve Design Create is a digital marketing agency based out of Naples, Florida with years of experience creating awesome logo stings for customers just like you!

Do you need to hire a creative designer experienced with content production?

We’d love to look at your brand WITH YOU and help you create the identity that you have always dreamed of. Let us show you what working with an agency passionate about creatively marketing.


Count on our years of experience with our creative services. We are here to help you create the markeing impact that you have always desired and love working with unique brands that are making waves within their demographic. In many ways this is how we keep marketing fun; this is how we have been able to do this for over half a decade now and stay fresh, current, and passionate about helping brands market themselves. We truly choose our clients and we’re not sad to say we’re picky because we are proud of who we work with and collaborite with! We love helping individuals that are shining light and being the change within their communities.

Ready to experience working with a true creative for hire?

Rely on our creative marketing artistic passion

Send us a message and let us know what you are currently facing, stuck at or working on, we’d love to help you slay your creative and artistic dragons while providing amazing creative marketing services to empower our clients

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