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no matter what digital dragons you may be facing

From one-off remote “rescue sessions”, to semi-regular tune-up appointments, to our regular and complete service contracts for businesses to take care of not only you but your entire staff. We have all of your tech bases covered with our life-long passion of all things tech. You will expect us to expose the ‘Superman “S”‘ after you see just how on-top of our world class support for everything IT, One on One training or Repair, and all things Geek. We’re nerds okay?! We got picked on in school for it enough to be cocky about it now and laugh it off! We are what the geek squad dreams to be and falls very very very far from, as modern as Apple and Samsung visionaries set out to bring a new technological driven age inspiring pioneers like our found Brad ‘Dez’ Stevens. The coolest thing though is that we bring that the small business mindset to this part of our business.. We take every situation for what it is and help our clients address all of their currently technical woes, create a solution to recover or repair any damage that may have occurred, and ensure that there is a backup and insurance policy so that this cannot and will not happen again.

We handle Tech Problems of All sizes, All operating systems, no matter where you are.


To the little guy, to the celebs, from getting the right machines, to repairing insane viruses and rescuing brands from hackers.. We have got your back and that means don’t forget it! Remember us, save our contact info. When you need a REAL IT super hero, when your day needs saving, just give us a ring, but better yet contact us now and lets us show you the power we provide to our clients when we team up… You know, so we can get you prepared so you don’t have to escape the burning castle in the first place!

All Tech Support & IT Services


Business Consulting and Efficiency Development

Want us to ‘hack’ your process and empower you to become super-you?


With a couple hours we can have you running so smooth that you are literally 100x more productive. You will not believe the amount of things you are currently wasting time on, are not fully secure and protected on, and ways that you are endangering whatever confidential information you do have such as your own or far more impacting if you end up needing these services and not just browsing them – your customers information. Protect yourself. Protect them. Work with someone who can give you business, your personal identity, and your cyber security the attention and love that it deserves.

Backup your files like a computer genius does. Have you lost data before?


We love helping our clients make sure they will never lose that portfolio of irreplaceable accomplishments and milestone of their brand and business, we’ve all had it happen, and you just found some of the best people on the planet and making sure you won’t have it happen again… We also make sure that our clients are secure, recommending solutions to make your life easier as technology sometimes has the unwanted effect of complicating things. Run your business like a computer genius / white hat hacker would. Work smart not hard.

Ready to experience the best tech support you will ever find?

Rely on our IT and tech experience and passion

Send us a message and let us know what you are currently facing, stuck at or working on, we’d love to help you slay your tech troubles and IT dragons while providing amazing tech support services to empower our clients

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