Do you properly maintain your Mac Computer? CleanMyMac X will!

Do you properly maintain your Mac Computer? CleanMyMac X will!

CleanMyMac X is seriously a no-brainer, if you have a mac, it needs to be cleaned, are you properly maintaining your machine? If you have doubts here is a GREAT turn key software that will help you a ton… MacPaw introduces their product in saying, “CleanMyMac X is all-in-one package to awesomize your Mac. It cleans megatons of junk and makes your computer run faster. Just like it did on day one.” This program helps a layman and non-computer-wizard figure out the answer when they ask, “Why is my Apple Computer running slow?

CleanMyMac X – by far the easiest to use and the best mac maintenance program

We got to test drive and review Clean My Mac X and without a doubt recommend it if you are an Mac OS user – We are affiliates with MacPaw and have had many clients that used and abused this software for years, in fact I’ve been recommending this to clients since I found it a long time ago as it was just an easy solution that helped turn medium-level computer users into power-users when it came to clean up. A clean machine runs far smoother and this program is not just for the basic beginner either, you can also get into some more advanced stuff like startup management to even getting rid of extensions that are just taking up place… Does CleanMyMac X do things that only a superhero computer nerd could do? Well… yes kind of… The average user is not comfortable pulling up and executing command lines in terminal would do very well by using this software that on average ends up leaving users with computers that run with a four times faster boot time, 250% app performance of responsiveness, and as mentioned on an article on their official website: Sierra troubles: what can go wrong?

  1. Not enough storage for macOS Sierra
  2. macOS Sierra installation is slow
  3. macOS Sierra install frozen
  4. Mac won’t start after Sierra installation
  5. Wi-Fi is slow on Sierra
  6. Bluetooth hardware troubles on Sierra
  7. Safari plug-in troubles
  8. App crashes or doesn’t open
  9. Battery life reduced on Sierra
  10. iTunes crashes on macOS Sierra
  11. Photoshop won’t open on Sierra
  12. macOS Sierra is slow

These are all common ailments that typically just cleaning and allowing CleanMyMac X to ‘do it’s thing’ will essentially be taken care of… Am I saying this program is a magical genie that basically will solve all of your problems, make you coffee, give you a back rub, clean out your garage and pull off the party of the year? Well…  Maybe, but… All joking aside if you don’t want to worry about how to clean, how to fix or how to maintain your apple or mac computer, Clean My Mac X is an obvious solution and choice to immediately make your digital life easier.

Clean My Mac X in our humble opinion makes it so that maintaining the day -to-day operating and of course cleaning your mac are simple

I really like how the latest version incorporates DropBox as we use their service on the daily here at SolveDesignCreate… The UI reminds me of another cleaning program I loved for years but has elminated the need for my SpeedTest app (most of the time), and another Stat program I used for years as CleanMyMac X used less memory than the other program. New users will love the easy-clean-up and simple memory purge and I’m sure some older Mac’s will run better just from using this program, Especially if you aren’t super tech savvy and have a ton of old files cramping up your machine.

Some of the coolest stuff that the program does that you don’t really understand the value of if it happens all the time is somethign like a DNS flush… When old values are clogging up your DNS this is slowing your machine and your internet… Being the content-junkies we all have become today and spending endless money on the latest technology – why not take advantage of a simple way to make sure your machine is running smoothly and fast? There’s also things that only advanced users that I know would ever actually maintain such as deleting old WiFi networks that are being stored in your network settings… Just think how many countless coffee shops, friends houses, etc… are being synced across all of our devices that we just don’t use? These networks are being ‘gone through’ before connecting to your newest and latest ones, so again yet another great way tucked into this awesome software to make sure your machine is running its best.

CleanMyMacX free’s your computer of a lot of space-hogging junk that’s for sure but One thing I will recommend is that you are careful with the mail attachments, in doing my test drive of Clean My Mac X I found one possible thing to watch out for although it’s probably not something that will affect the common user. I did recently clear out THOUSANDS of old emails and it would be entirely possible to delete attachments that are no longer available to be downloaded from the mail server as they are many years old… Just as a heads up that may be one section if you want to do an auto-clean you might want to check off to start… Things like language files, I can guarantee there are TONS of extra languages to translate all your programs on your computer just wasting space… I’m probably not like most people in that I had over 40k emails to go through and delete but this was just something I wanted to note.

Is CleanMyMac X worth it?

Want to see everything that MacPaw has to offer?


MacPaw says on their website, “The only ultimate goal of our every keystroke is a person on the other end of the app, completing their tasks with its help and going “I LIKE THIS. A LOT.”” – I’d like to say they have definitely done this, make sure to also check out the rest of their product catalogue… There’s another great program that MacPaw has as well available in their store called GEMINI which helps you remove duplicate files including music and pictures… I’ve had MANY clients find this program combined with CleanMyMac to be a seriously powerful combination that we highly recommend. CleanMyDrive is also great because it allows you to quick and easily clean up USB drives, external drives, etc… such as pesky .DSstore files! I believe in this brand as I’ve seen my clients use their products of the years and the updates that come out, the new programs they’ve released… This is a company I’m proud to say I believe in and that Solve Design Create fully stands behind saying without a doubt you should check out this awesome piece of software to make sure your mac computer is running at its best. Now hurry up, go get yourself a copy of CLEANMYMAC X, download it and Speed up your apple laptop and get back to producing that awesome content for the new website we’re going to buld you!!!


Go check out the best solution we’ve found to maintain your mac computer – CleanMyMac X – now


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