What are responsive websites?

What are responsive websites?

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We often get asked what it means for a website to be fully responsive, fully mobile-responsive, or 100% mobile responsive. We’ve all been there – annoyed by a website loading up to where you have to pinch and zoom and scroll to try to make any type of sense out of the page… This was a fault of the web designer, but don’t be mad at them; they probably don’t know what they don’t know! We strive to create fully immersive digital media assets such as 100% mobile-responsive web sites built and designed correctly from the start because we know it matters!

Did you know that up to 70% of traffic on a lot of our sites builts ends up being mobile traffic? This means that if you are not planning this in from the ground up you are alienated 7 out of ten of your potential visitors just because they are on a mobile device or tablet.

What’s crazy further – google and the search engines really prefer mobile friendly sites and are more likely to reccomend pages on your website if you build it responsively. Make sure to also read about AMP-friendly pages!

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