What is Domain Name Hoarding?

What is Domain Name Hoarding?

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Domain name hoarding is a practice many are guilty of, when someone buys way more domain names than they ever possibly  could develop and further they usually just sit on them incurring renewal fee’s for years and years.


Many clients will show us with wide-eyes a Godaddy or 1And1 login with 100’s upon 100’s of domain names racked up like it’s a golden trophy room. Truly the issue is without developing and actually using these domain names this essentially is a waste of money unless you are in the business of flipping and selling off those domains. Typically we instead see customers spending more than enough for one amazing website that would have ranked and started a new business on 300-some-odd domains that end up being never used except for a couple redirects…


That brings the most important point – if you aren’t going to use the domain names they essentially are a waste unless it is purely a directive traffic technique or for analytics such as using a specific domain name on a billboard vs a radio advertisement to be able to track visitors and redirect them to event or sale specific information.

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