What is Parallax or ‘The Parallax Effect’?

What is Parallax or ‘The Parallax Effect’?

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Parallax is an effect that is created with you have your foreground moving opposite of your background, in that imagine spinning around your subject while your subject turns with you thus creating this really cool and enticing almost 3 dimensional emotive pull in photos and design.


Around 2011 we began messing with this really cool functionality with WordPress sites… At this time of writing this in 2019 every single Twitter profile in the world features a parallax effect on the top header banner horizontal image while scrolling down.


Some of our favorite examples of parallax web design from our portfolio include:

  • International Perfumer Illuminum London‘s custom WordPress build featuring impactful images on all pages through-out from a Dezeen magazine photographer
  • Television host Courtney Hansen‘s huge custom site that is jam-packed full of parallax sections such as her beautiful images, the white brick dividers, etc…
  • Rock band Saliva‘s straight-forward site featuring parallax images of their artwork throughout the build.


How do you find the right images for Parallax Web Sites?

When shooting or editing graphics and images to be used in parallax sections on websites typically it is best to start with a nice and good high resolution horizontal image. We try to keep our subjet in the dead center 3rd horizontally and vertically to make the image more likely to be usable in responsive settings; thus looking great on across all mobile devices. Often we have to edit and work some magic on images that clients provide when we are not doing a content creation package as well… While it can be quick, if there are many edits these can add up and we find that for images that are jaw-droppers and worth it it makes sense but often These photo-editing services often end up costing what it would to do a shoot and get properly created images from the start.


This is exactly why we started offering Content Creation services to create website friendly content from the start and help businesses set them selves up for success rather than tryign to wade through a sea of technological dragons you don’t even fully see yet alone understand. Our goal is to help business owners and brands put their focus into their passion and trust in our skill and expertise.

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