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We want to simplify the process as clients usually come to us either completely knowing what they want or not having a clue what they need… Regardless where you are we can work with your vision, budget, needs and wants to come up with an awesome project that will rock your viewers world.

We have divided our services into 5 categories of expert marketing services

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Yes the secret’s out: We rock at online marketing. 

We are experts at Web Design, Social Media Marketing, and of course Search Engine Optimization!

Internet based services make up a large percentage of our business, and we love providing turn key solutions to our world class clients. During our no-strings consultatation we create a Mind Map, think of this as a map for you to succeed online;  This is acheived by creating a custom plan of attack individually tailored by a marketing expert to every clients unique needs and wishes. Instant Site Builders and cheap over used generic layouts will not get you the type of success you deserve, nor will mass-produced sites without an artist aesthetic flare. We believe you truly can have it all and aim to provide just that – Out of this World Service Bringing your dreams to reality.

Whether you are Branding a new venture, or refreshing a classic…

When it comes to Marketing we are Experts.

Not only do we have the technical skills to build what you need; We have leaderboard topping sales and sales management background experience.

Our marketing tactics have helped clients add millions of dollars to their books of business, added many ten’s and hundred’s of thousands of followers, and helped most importantly establish brand’s trustworthyness through powerful and unique marketing. We are responsible for millions of views being directed and generated on the internet and we are here to make sure that you vision is clearly delivered in a modern, user-accesible and exceptionally functional way.

Got Art and Print Problems?

We have Merchandising Solutions and Answers!

From complete fashion line design and production along with drop-shipping, to simple photo-retouching and setting up in-house pro printing for celebs before they post an offer for a free headshot to their hundreds of thousands of hungry fans… We handle all aspects of professional graphic work in house and directly. You won’t be working with some middle man that doesn’t have a clue how to actually use PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, LightRoom, Aperature, etc… You will be blown away by the level of completeness of service we offer because odds are we have already faced a similiar situation to the tech issues you may be facing with this project… Or maybe it just comes down to needing a wild and avant garde artist that gets your vision, but you’re so lucky to have one roof that houses a balance of both Left Brain and Right Brain balance where it is both artistically creatively unique and functionally business smart and effective.

If They say Content is King.

Then let us be your Knight in Shining Armor!

Our A/V solution encompasses a vast media production skillset. We have you covered for everything of Live-On site film and video production, 3d Video animation such as logo stings and broadcast packages, custom portfolio and event video production/direction, and so much more. Music is founder Brad ‘Dez’ Stevens’ true passion and the audio/video side of our services really allow us to shine with a lot of our talents and true loves. Let our team of passionate and creative writers blow your visitors away with unique and compelling content for your entire brand’s web presence. After we help your brand come to life with its new branding and identity via a website and maybe cool logo; We can help you with mind-blowing visual content that will not only get you views but that will close the deal with our experience of converting visitors into customers through stellar social media campaigns, automated newsletter systems, and regular blog posts to keep your visitors coming back for more! Just like web design, not only do we have the artistic side down, we are masters of the analytics and architecture of what exactly to do when you have that amazing new piece of media. Let’s ignite your brands presence with killer media! We want to help you Leave a lasting experience and impression, not just another sales-pitch in their inbox or feed.

We love helping our Clients find Solutions

Hire our ‘Brains’ and let us maximize your efficiency today!

Increaing ROI, simplifying processes through automation, or even just helping you with one-on-one brainstorming to perfect that new business model… With over 10 years of experience working with brands of all sizes, We have helped start-ups and growing Restauraunts, Magazines, Local to Global Stores, International Artists, Amazon topping Authors, Television personalities and Major Label Musicians. We would love to help your brand be all that it can be. We bring a ‘Concierge’ level of service to marketing and IT and if you are too busy running your empire to brand, market and maintain it, we are your machine gun for hire! Let us be the secret weapon you dreamed about when your passion was first ignited!

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