Portfolio Item: Solve Design Create 3D Avant Garde Website Layout

Portfolio Item: Solve Design Create 3D Avant Garde Website Layout

We decided to change our website layout and move away from this design albeit’s very avant garde website layout and its very modern feel… It was a very cool theme and it served us well, we got many compliments on it but I feel that our new layout is much more corporate and business-minded. This layout would serve great for an artist, an art gallery, a musician, or otherwise an outside-of-the-box creative project but being that most of our clients are businesses we felt we needed to go a more corporate route.


Saying “Goodbye” to our old Avant Garde Website layout…

While this layout could be seen as confusing by an older and less tech-savvy generation; This is certainly one of the most avant garde websites that I have ever built. We are very happy with the new direction that we have gone but I will always hold this layout near and dear to my heart with it’s super cool Fade-In’s, Rotations, Zoom-In’s and more. If you would like to discuss any of your web development needs please do not hesitate to Contact Us today!

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