What is Web Hosting VS a Web Domain

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Web Hosting is what stores your content.

This is basically like the would-be hard drive for your new website.


Web Domains are the “.Com” Addresses we use to get to content.

This is basically like the “online location” of your new website.


You need both a web domain and web hosting, and they can and often are at different companies. We help our clients get great deals while making sure they most importantly get the “right materials” for what they need. For example if you are getting 100,000’s of views we can save you potentially thousands upon thousands of dollars but if you are only getting 1,000 views we have solutions for that too and ways to steadily increase those numbers! No matter what your hosting or domain woes are; you know Solve Design Create has always got you covered. Until next time!


AUTHOR - Bradley 'Dez' Stevens

Born and Raised in the Motor City, this marketing maven is here to make a mark on the world. Based out of South Florida for 12 years and now relocating back to his Hometown of Metro-Detroit to continue building his marketing business... Brad Stevens enjoys producing music for his numerous artistic endeavors, creating online businesses, DIY projects and driving fast vehicles. He is an advocate for healthy eating, Non-GMO foods, Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregivers, and as well personally is a survivor of Wegener's Disease, a very rare auto-immune disease.

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