Why are Wix/Weebly/etc… horrible websites?

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If you see a site says on the bottom:

  • Made with Wix
  • Powered by Shopify
  • Powered by Weebly
  • Godaddy Website Tonight
  • etc, etc, etc…

It 999/1000 times is probably absolute crap. #sorrynotsorry

These are the equivalent of kit cars, so even if you find me a good one with beautiful content, one that has a power user that took the time to actually tweak the layout (Web design sure is tedious isn’t it? We love what we do but rely on Coffee and Good Music for this reason!) ……


In the end all of those WYSIWYG… wait.. huh? What?!







or in other words, website building programs made for people that wouldn’t ever have a clue about proper coding, that would take the time to learn HTML let alone up to the 5th version it’s currently at, CSS, and lets just forget responsiveness and trying to get things to look nice on mobile devices… So I get it… These Website-in-a-box solutions seem to work right? Wrong. They are built without any type of SEO in mind which means the only people that are going to see that beautiful brand-spankin’-new beauty are the ones that you either manually type in the address for them, write it down, or they manage to remember it on their own. We help our clients by using extremely effective and efficient (results don’t lie) Search Engine Optimization services to make sure they show up for “What they do” in the place that they do it. If you want to succeed in your local niche this is probably pretty important because that means that in saving what a grand or two on a website, you have in turn cost yourself tens of thousands of dollars of potential business because now visitors that don’t know you exist are finding your competition instead of your online presence that we have decked out, beefed up, and made you look like an absolute rockstar…. but hey… Maybe you’re not into that kind of thing, Success is not for the timid.


Without self hosting your content you do not truly stand out in the never ended sea of good,bad, and ugly content all over the internet. Let us help you not only stand up but dominate and show your niche how it is truly done. Quick, before you competitors find out about us!

AUTHOR - Bradley 'Dez' Stevens

Born and Raised in the Motor City, this marketing maven is here to make a mark on the world. Based out of South Florida for 12 years and now relocating back to his Hometown of Metro-Detroit to continue building his marketing business... Brad Stevens enjoys producing music for his numerous artistic endeavors, creating online businesses, DIY projects and driving fast vehicles. He is an advocate for healthy eating, Non-GMO foods, Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregivers, and as well personally is a survivor of Wegener's Disease, a very rare auto-immune disease.

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