Search Engine Optimization gets your brand found

Why you need SEO

Without S.E.O. you aren’t going to be found

by customers looking for what you do; where you do it

If you are not properly optimizing your site for search engines, using SEO, you are wasting a huge potential base of leads for your business. Beyond not showing up for ‘what you do where you do it’, we’ve seen many times where clients don’t even show up for their own name… That means people that are looking for you are unable to find you and end up finding businesses that are named similarly, or they may end up on a social profile of yours and be shown competition on your own assets versus ending up on your website and seeing your offers giving the highest potential for a conversion to paying business.

When brands do not utilize search engine optimization their competition usually will and in that the people that are looking for that product or service end up going to the one that focuses on keeping up with technology and making sure that their brand is visible. SEO is a great way to give your company a chance for people that don’t know you exist in finding your offering. This would be akin to fishing with the wrong bait or no bait at all and hoping that you land a good catch just by sheer luck. Good SEO is calculated, analyzed and projected not just guesstimated or shot in the dark.
We are different than other web design agencies because we extensively build out our installs with SEO practices from the ground up. Many times clients will come to us asking if we can optimize existing builds and while we can definitely utilize whatever content you have it often ends up costing the same if not more as we have to check every single point of inspection that they may have missed. So many web designers are doing a disservice to businesses in that they ‘don’t know what they don’t know’, thus rather than setting you up for success are hoping that stabbing in the dark will get you the potential business that you deserve and yearn for.
We’ve had clients that have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled their profit by utilizing good SEO practices and making sure that they are showing up for their businesses offerings. Often times businesses just starting out don’t budget for this saying that they can’t afford it or it’s not important; we believe this is the exact opposite and that they most of all cannot afford to leverage this in order to get their business off the ground properly and with a flow of steady business. Whether a business is already established and their customer acquisition flow is getting stagnant or it is a new launch we have worked with so many different businesses across just about any legal niche market you can name and can help you make sure that you are leveraging search engine optimization to your fullest potential.
If you had any question of why you need SEO we hope this answers it and we encourage you to look further around our site to learn more about what search engine optimization is. Many of our long-running clients end up joking with us that they ‘get it’ and start incorporating SEO into their business model to make sure that they are giving it the best chance to succeed. If you want to rank on Google and need someone that helps your brand out as if your company wear their own book a solution session today and let’s get started.

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