Website Materials

We have always prided our agency on being transparent with our clients. Many web design firms are not clear on your build and in that often They don’t serve your goals as well as they could. In sticking to an easy to understand business model we Bill time and materials. Then the question becomes, “What materials does a website require?” – well we are glad you asked and this page was compiled to help answer that question.

First and foremost before any website can be built you need to have a web domain, a ‘.com’ address or otherwise – this is what people will type in to access your website. We require that clients by their own domains for better SEO and to keep everything that should be your businesses asset in your business’s name from the get-go. You can read more about domain names here.
Next we need to connect web hosting to your web domain, this is where all of the files will live and how they are delivered to visitors of the website. Just like demanding that your web domain is in your name we also make sure that your web hosting is set up in your name. Not all web hosting is created equally and we want to make sure that your business has the right hosting for what your goals are. You can read more about web hosting here.
Typically on our WordPress builds we help you select a WordPress theme and the plugins that will be necessary to create the functionality and structure for your website build out. The best practice similarly to domains and hosting is that these are licensed to your business where necessary and required so that you can get easy updates and so that you have a legal and good clean copy of the parts that will go into your build. We help create the perfect formula based on your needs wants and requirements for your project.
The content of a website is next. This spans both the images and the text that will be displayed on your site. We usually end up helping coach our clients and fluff up what they provide… No one knows how to say what you say everyday all day for your business better than you but we like to help you present it in the best possible light both to potential clients and in making sure that it is as search engine optimized as it can be to generate as much traffic as possible. We do the same thing with the image content of your site build as well. Some web build-outs will require doing photo shoots for retail locations, others require product photography or team photos and some are suitable to use stock imagery that can be attained from the web. In general the rule of thumb is you want to use original organic content that is specific and unique to your business to give it the best chance to stand out online and to generate as much traffic as possible. Videos also can come into effect and can be a great way to present your offerings and put your brand on a pedestal above what competition offers by highlighting what makes you different and showing your vibe and energy throughout to immediately give your Brand’s quality and apparent impression to potential leads and viewing visitors.
If you need help with the materials to build a website for your brand book a solution session today and leverage our experience and the love that we put into every project. Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?