Web Hosting

Web hosting is where your actual website lives. This is where the files are stored, edited, and presented to visitors of your website. There are many types of web hosting and they are definitely not all created equal. We can help your business with all of your web hosting needs whether you are looking for a shared web hosting server, a VPS or virtual private server, a dedicated server, cloud hosting and more.

Many web designers do not know the ins and outs of the back end, they lack the skills of development and actually setting up the web server properly. This includes industry standard security practices such as SSL certificates, page speed optimization, website caching, email server setup, DNS zone editing, and so on. One of the most popular web hosting back end interfaces is called cPanel, many others are simplified and do not give you full control. Some unscrupulous web designers will host your website for you, and you may think they are doing you a favor by alleviating you the worry of setting it up… The issue is this is horrible for SEO and technically they can hold your site and business hostage. This also creates security concerns as if any of the other sites on their server gets hacked this can drastically affect yours versus creating an isolated installation to insulate your business.
We recommend hosting based on our client’s needs around criteria such as site traffic, server load and media usage to even requirements such as being HIPAA compliant, regulation about customer data storage and payment processing security, and of course being the highest performance for search engine optimization to generate the most organic traffic so that businesses are found when potential customers looking for what they offer where they offer it are finding them instead of their competition.
Popular web hosting companies include godaddy, HostGator, Network solutions but our favorite is a2hosting for their Superior speed, performance, and value offering. We create TurnKey websites and set your hosting up from the ground up correctly as if your business were our own. We can also help you migrate an existing website if your web hosting is coming due. Similarly to cable companies after you have been a client for the initial period many web hosting companies jack up the price so we commonly help our customers change after their usually three year period of Hosting is expiring to lock in the best possible pricing.
Whether we are building your brand a new beautiful site to introduce your business to potential customers in the absolute best way or we are maximizing your SEO efforts to dominate your niche in industry, it’s all going to come down to having good materials to work with. Let us help you by booking a solution session today to find the correct hosting for your specific needs.